Al-Arada holds the hand of a senior leader of the Arab coalition and whispers golden words in his ear!


In difficult times, Sultan al-Arada appears as if he is almost the only statesman who respects his position, values ​​people’s trust in him, and realizes the extent of the disaster.

Al-Arada exploits the intelligence of the “Sheikh”, the capabilities of the “warrior”, and the acumen of the “politician”, which together formed the personality of the leader within him, and you rarely find it in others.

One day, “Sultan” grabbed the hand of a senior leader of the Arab coalition, and whispered in his ear: “We are Kabyles, and the tribesmen are fighting without honor and their land until the last drop of blood and the last bullet… the politicians will carry the bag in one hand, and the mistress in the other, and they will leave the country prey to the militias.” He said this years ago, and it literally happened and is happening.

Here are those who once claimed to be “elite”, loitering in the streets of exile, from one hotel to another, and from one apartment to another; They arrange the situation of their small families, and secure the future of the children, while the noblest and purest men face the might of a fascist group, in full view of the deceitful world.

Even some of those who were once in the field, due to several factors, turned into sound phenomena, as if they were celebrities in a live broadcast!

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