Al-Attas comments on the incident targeting the governor of Aden


President Haider Abu Bakr Al-Attas, the first prime minister of the Yemeni state and advisor to President Abd Rabbo Mansour, commented on the criminal incident that targeted the governor of Aden and the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Al-Attas condemned the terrorist bombing that targeted the convoy of the governor of Aden governorate, today, Sunday, October 10, 2021 AD, which killed a number of the governor’s escorts and civilians.

In a statement condemning him, Al-Attas said: “We have heard the news of this terrorist act that targeted your convoy and in which some of your guards were martyred. And we share their pain and sorrow, and we pray to God Almighty to have mercy on them, to dwell in his vast gardens, and to heal the wounded.”

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