Al-Azhar warns of a pervasive danger in Arab societies


The Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Ahmed Al-Tayeb, warned of the danger of spreading images of “waste, extravagance and foolishness in Arab societies,” calling for the need to adopt international programs and artworks that show people the seriousness of this matter. According to what was reported by “Al-Masry Al-Youm” on “Egyptian TV”.

And al-Tayyib said that “every trial is good, whether for the obedient slave or the disobedient, and if the afflicted person is one of the obedient, the wisdom of his affliction is to raise his ranks, and if he is one of the disobedient, then his affliction is an expiation for his sins.”

And he added that “there is another form of affliction that takes into consideration the poverty and richness of a person.

He explained that “thanksgiving here is not just uttering the word “praise be to God and thank God” and taking money and enjoying it. Rather, thankfulness here is of the kind that God has blessed him with. It is God who has enabled me to overcome my self-disciplines and bring out this destiny that God has bestowed upon me.”

He warned against “the danger of spreading images of waste, extravagance and foolishness in Arab societies,” calling for “the necessity of adopting international programs and artistic works that show people the danger of this matter.”

He said: “I lived among foreign families, and I saw those who have money do not spend it in this way, and they have no pleasure in this way, because they focus on learning responsibility, and they know that life is responsibilities, but here in the Arab world we do not focus on raising learning about responsibility with evidence that our sons and daughters In a certain group, due to the abundance of money and luxury, they want to do everything, until these children sometimes commit suicide, because they are used to asking and being obeyed.”

He considered that “this education is corrupt, and that its first victims are children.”

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