Al-Bakhiti appeals to the tribesmen after they rejected Houthi calls to send new fighters to Marib


Today, Saturday, the prominent Houthi leader appointed as governor of Dhamar Governorate, Muhammad Al-Bakhiti, appeared to sympathize with the tribesmen after they rejected calls by the “Houthi militia” to send new fighters to Marib Governorate.

Al-Bakhiti said in a tweet on his account on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”, which was monitored by “The Yemeni Scene”, “To the sons of the Yemeni tribes, you are too big to believe and criticize those who fled Sanaa in women’s clothes in order to enjoy oil and gas money in the hotels and palaces of Riyadh, Doha and Istanbul and fight us with our money and our men.” “; In reference to President Hadi, his deputy and the rest of the recognized Yemeni government officials.

He added: “It is time to turn their page on our present and our future in order to restore our sovereignty, our independence and our looted wealth.” as he put it.

This comes in conjunction with a continuous Houthi escalation since last February towards the oil-rich city of Marib, which caused the killing and wounding of thousands of tribesmen in the ranks of the militia without achieving any strategic breakthrough towards the oil and gas fields.

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