Al-Bakhiti discloses the Houthis’ main goal in the Ma’rib battles and begs the tribes to hand over an important district without a fight


The prominent Houthi leader, Muhammad al-Bakhiti, revealed the main goal of the Houthi militia in the large and ongoing battles in the Marib Governorate (east of the country).
Al-Bakhiti, who is the governor of Dhamar in the militia government, said that the Houthis’ goal is to control the oil and gas fields in the Marib Governorate.
In a tweet on his Twitter account, Al-Bakhiti called on the Murad tribes to “save the city of Al-Juba from war”, and by this he intended to present the Directorate to the militia without a fight.
The militia had promoted through loyal sheikhs from the sons of Murad and Marib in general, the call to spare the Juba Directorate of war, and to open the way for its gunmen without a fight.
Activists on social media mocked these Houthi calls, while the militia did not care to spare any war directorate before.
The activists said that these calls came after the militia failed to enter the district after its defeat in Harib, south of Marib.

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