Al-Bakhiti’s novel .. A leaked recording of the moment of Al-Qusaibi’s execution.. A Houthi leader addresses Al-Madani: Tonight’s dinner over the corpse (video)


A leaked recording of Houthi leaders revealed the last moments of the life of the commander of the 310th Brigade in Amran Governorate, Brigadier Hamid Al-Qushaibi.

The recording, which was published by MBC channel, clarified the moments of the militias’ exchange of talk about the killing of Al-Qusaibi, where one of the field commanders of the militias made a call with the prominent leader Youssef Al-Madani, confirming the execution of Brigadier General Al-Qusaibi with dozens of gunshots in different parts of his body.

The Houthi leader added, boasting: “We left his body in Zabeez.” This means that the militias flooded al-Qusaibi’s body with bullets and left many holes in it.

The contact indicated that the Houthi leader Abdullah Al-Hakim (Abu Ali Al-Hakim) and the leader, Muhammad Yahya Al-Ghouli, supervised the crime.

And the leader, Abdullah Al-Hasani, addressed Al-Madani by saying: Now I bring his body to you so that you can dine with it.

The dissident leader of the Houthi militia, Ali Al-Bakhiti, revealed other details of the incident, which can be followed up through the attached video.

It is noteworthy that Brigadier General Hamid Al-Qushaibi was killed by the Houthi militia in 2014 after the militias stormed Amran Governorate, after bloody battles that lasted for more than a month.

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