“Al-Beidh” calls on the Southern Transitional Council to make fundamental changes to its composition


Today, political activist Hani Ali Salem Al-Beidh called on the Transitional Council to make fundamental changes at its various levels, warning of real dangers threatening the UAE-backed council.

The son of the former Yemeni vice president said in a tweet on the blogging site (Twitter), that the Transitional Council, as a political building, needs sifting and restructuring all its political, administrative, financial and diplomatic levels for renewal.

He added that the positions in his military and security forces that are accused of regionalism need more recycling, and a review of the positions of his forces and military units.

He stressed that imminent and imminent dangers exist before the STC threatening its survival, in reference to Islah and Saudi Arabia, which supports the party in the face of the council.

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