Al-Fakhkhara is a monument text


He said that one of the sons of Sanaa had a problem, and he knew that the security forces were asking for him, and he was assured that a security force would go out to look for him in the morning, so he went to rent a turban and a t-shirt, and put them on in the morning and went out, thinking that the turban would make him a respected judge, and The security personnel would be ashamed of his prestige, so when he encountered them on the road, the soldiers got out of the police car (the kit) and began to drag him in his clothes, and he found that his plan did not work, so he strangely asked their permission and took off his turban, and threw it in the asphalt to roll like a tire, the soldiers asked him in astonishment: Why? do you work like this? He replied to them while he was angry and moved around his body and raised his hands, saying: “A turban is of no use to its owner, its father is in the rubble.” And in the San’anite dialect, it is the asphalt road.

There are people who glorify appearances, who think that appearance is everything. For them, appearance is the basis of relationships, and it is a requirement of respect. Therefore, you find them spending on their appearances in an imaginary manner, incurring many debts in order to buy a luxurious or expensive car, and some of them do not find the value of bread in their homes. He buys the expensive khat in order to wave his sticks in front of people in the assemblies, while he tells them about his imaginary heroism, and blows himself into his mouth and groans until he thinks that the place is no longer suitable for him.

These methods are used by a malicious type of people and they are “swindlers”, where they use appearance as one of the factors of persuasion, suggesting to their victims that they are the sons of people, and we have found recently that appearances have developed and entered the academic fields, we have seen that some fraudsters go to buy a certificate A fake doctorate in order to put in front of his name the letter dal, and the letter dal indicates that he is an animal and whoever believes him is a donkey..

Correct appearance is important, and you must be well-groomed and your appearance is tidy, but appearance should not exceed its appearance, and we should not judge people by their appearance, and even when our ancestors said in the proverb: “If you purify, the turban will grow” meaning if you do not find Money, you have to appear in a good appearance, for that is in order that no one knows the vicissitudes of your condition, so he pity you, but you must be rich even in your poverty, and so that you do not feel feelings of defeat and oppression, you are big and poverty is an emergency situation and you will go..

Appearances are deceiving, so do not be deceived, and let you know that blowing has become a global device, a scam group that includes many countries, each one blowing his own friend in front of his people on the principle of “Blow me, I will blow you” for transcontinental swindling operations, and not every foreigner answers us a video about something, he is honest, Especially when he says that Yemen is the origin of the Arabs.. Beware and #don’t_be a fish, as it will easily fall into their nets..

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