Al-Hadath channel is now broadcasting promotional videos for the Houthi militia!


The channel said that Houthi militants appear in the videos as they are “experiencing an air defense system”!

It is clear that the videos are leaked from the Houthi militia to mislead people that it is actually manufacturing missiles and weapons. Exposed Houthi movements and the brothers in “Al-Hadath” swallowed the bait and considered the matter a “scoop”!

Of course, the Houthi photography, and most likely it was not leaked, but rather was leaked deliberately.

The funny thing is that a gunman appears in the videos as he lights a cigarette and then hands it to a colleague. He went to the missiles mounted on a “kit” and took the cigarette close to the missiles or the “air defense system”, according to Al-Hadath channel.

The first time I see military experiments done with a cigarette.

The Houthis, by God, cannot make a lighter, but “Al-Hadath” presented them as if they had made an “air defense system.”

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