Al-Hadath TV anchor makes an urgent appeal regarding Marib


Al-Hadath TV anchor made an urgent appeal to all Yemenis regarding a major humanitarian crisis facing the city of Marib and its residents.

The Yemeni broadcaster on Al-Hadath TV, Asmaa Rajeh, called for an urgent solution to the crisis of displaced people in Marib, in light of the continuous increase in the number of families displaced from their homes as a result of the fierce Houthi attack on civilian homes.

Rajeh said, in tweets on Twitter, that the “Yemeni scene” monitored: “We must all work to support our people to go beyond the issue of duty, but rather it has become an obligation on everyone.”

She added: “Heroes in the field offer their lives and children pay blood in all parts of Yemen. The effort is required, and we are a generous people.”

Rajeh stressed the need for “there is a way to cooperate with our people in Yemen through a reliable Yemeni organization, through which we collect donations that are distributed to all the affected areas without exception,” noting that “the displaced in the open are the most important point.”

She pointed out that “the host community bears a heavy burden,” referring to the city’s residents.

The event announcer asked, saying: “How do children, women, elderly and people with diseases work in the open in the middle of the sun and winter will enter severely?”

The wave of mass displacement from the outskirts of Marib increased, as a result of Houthi shelling with missiles and shells on the heads of civilians, where more than 100 civilians were recently killed due to the fierce attacks of the militias.

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