“Al-Houthi” announces the downing of a strategic camp, control of a series of sites, and the advance towards the city of Ma’rib from two paths


The Houthi coup militia claimed, on Monday, that it had made new progress towards the city of Ma’rib from two tracks, and that it had taken control of a series of military sites after taking control of the center of the Juba District, south of Ma’rib Governorate.

The Houthis’ military media said that the militias advanced from two tracks after taking control of the Juba center during the past few days, and were able to control a number of mountain ranges and villages.

According to what the Houthi militias said, the first path ended with the control of Jabal Al-Zabul and Jabal Al-Sahl, passing through Al-Mahwal, Al-Aqla, Yarra village, Al-Hujairiah and Wadi Al-Khathla, all the way to Jabal and Al-Amoud village.

While the second path started – according to what the Houthi militia claimed – from the Nuzaila Mountains, passing through the Al-Aqil area, Jabal Al-Aswad, Jabal Al-Hamra and the Budaiya mountain range, and controlling the strategic camp “Umm Reesh”, and Mount Barq Al Samma, all the way to Mount Arish.

The National Army forces, backed by the popular resistance, have been engaged in violent and continuous battles against the Houthi coup militia on various fighting fronts in Ma’rib Governorate, for several months.

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