Al-Houthi is sent by tribal mediation from Al-Bayda to Al-Abdiyyah in Marib … And this was the response


The Houthi coup militia sent a number of sheikhs loyal to it from Al-Bayda Governorate to meet with the sheikhs of the Abdiya area in Marib and put forward an initiative to them regarding the district and the Houthis’ siege imposed on it, after the militia was unable to make any progress in it.

According to multiple sources, the Houthi group offered to the sheikhs of Abdiya to spare the district from being invaded by the force of peace by militia members and to hand it over without any killing.

The sheikhs of Abdiya informed their final rejection of the Houthi initiative, stressing their continued resistance against the Iranian-backed Houthi project and they would fight until victory or martyrdom.

Al-Abdiyyah district has been witnessing raging battles for days, as the Houthi coup elements launch massive attacks from more than one direction, in addition to witnessing a suffocating siege after the Houthis took control of the neighboring Harib district, while the steadfastness of the resistance heroes of the tribesmen and the army forces continues and confronting the suicidal Houthi attempts to control on the directorate.

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