Al-Houthi militia announces that it has received a painful blow from the Arab coalition in 3 governorates… and details are revealed


The Houthi coup militia admitted that it had received 43 raids launched by the fighters of the Arab coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen, on separate areas in the governorates of Ma’rib, Saada and Al-Jawf.

Media sources affiliated with the Houthi militia stated that the coalition warplanes launched two raids on the Al-Zaher district and the Al-Far` area in the Kitaf district in Saada.

In Ma’rib governorate, a local source said that the coalition warplanes launched 38 raids on the governorate, including 26 raids on the Serwah district, 10 raids on the Juba district, and two raids on the Mudaghl district.

In Al-Jawf Governorate, coalition warplanes launched two raids on Al-Hazm district.

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