Al-Houthi militia announces that it was betrayed by one of its leaders in Al-Juba in Marib


The Houthi coup militia claimed that it was betrayed in the Juba district by one of its leaders, causing the death of 40 Houthi militants and wounding dozens.

The Houthi leader, Sultan Jahaf, said during his tweet to him on Twitter, that his group was betrayed in the Juba district in Marib by the Houthi leader called Zaid Saeed Bahih, which caused the death of nearly 40 armed elements and the wounding of dozens, acknowledging the great defeats his militias incurred by the fire of the fighters of the Support Alliance. legitimacy, saying: “Many of our men were killed in heavy bombing by the Arab coalition and attacks by legitimate forces.”

Jahaf admitted that the defeats suffered by his group’s fighters in Marib are also due to the lack of an efficient military administration that develops well-studied operational plans.

He confirmed that dozens of wounded Houthis are dying in Harib General Hospital as a result of bleeding.

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