Al-Houthi militia continues its attacks in Ma’rib and threatens two cities in the governorate with siege, as is the case with Abdiya


The Houthi militia continued its extensive attacks with the aim of controlling and advancing towards the Al-Juba district in Marib, adjacent to the city, the capital of the governorate, in conjunction with the continuation of the siege imposed on the Al-Abdiya district for more than 20 days.

Where the Houthi militia was able to control new sites between Harib and Al-Juba, while continuing its attacks to storm Al-Abdiyyah, but without achieving significant progress in it.

The Houthi militia had isolated the Abdiya district by imposing a suffocating siege on it for more than twenty days, after it took control of the Harib district, since its last port, and moved to control the Juba district.

During the past weeks, the army was able to repel the Houthi attempts to advance towards Al-Juba, but these attempts are still continuing amid the great courage of the national army and the tribesmen.

Observers said that the Houthi strategy is based on imposing a siege on the cities of Jabal Murad and Rahabah, with the continued Houthi advance and pressure towards the city, the capital of the province, so that it becomes difficult to break the siege on them, especially since the two directorates are bordered from the east by Harib, which was controlled by the Houthis and became a depth for the militia, and from the south the Mahlia Marib Rabie and al-Qurashiya were born in al-Bayda, the latter of which was recently completed by the militia, and thus the two districts might fall without a fight unless the army launched a large-scale attack.

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