Al-Houthi militia controls the house of a Yemeni citizen in Sanaa and expels its residents by force


The Houthi militia stormed the house of a Yemeni citizen in the capital, Sanaa, and expelled its residents.

Media sources said that the Houthi Houthi gang affiliated with the so-called judicial guard led by the leader of the militias, Jihad al-Qahoum, raided the house of citizen Aida Dirham Abdullah Omran, on Friday, in the Soufan neighborhood of the capital, Sanaa.

The sources indicated that the militias expelled the residents of the house, after storming it, despite previous judicial directives from the President of the Specialized Criminal Court not to infringe on the house or enter it, except by order of the court.

This comes in light of the Houthi militia’s continued looting and confiscation of citizens’ property through the so-called judicial guard, to control the property. It recently confiscated Al-Manar Specialized Hospital, the largest hospital in Ibb Governorate, through the judicial guard, and imposed a new administration on it.

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