Al-Houthi militia in a new confession from Marib


The Houthi coup militia admitted, on Sunday evening, that its forces were subjected to air strikes carried out by fighters of the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy, on the militias on the southern fronts in Marib Governorate (eastern Yemen).

The Houthi militia said that, during the past hours, the coalition aircraft targeted, with more than ten air raids, sites and gatherings of the coup militias in the districts of Al-Juba and Jabal Murad, south of Marib.

She explained that the coalition warplanes targeted, with 9 raids, military sites and reinforcements for the coup militias in the Al-Juba district.

The coalition aircraft also targeted, with several air raids, the military movements of the Houthi militias in the Jabal Murad district, south of Marib.
Earlier, the Arab coalition said that it had carried out 57 operations targeting the mechanisms and elements of the Houthi militias in the Al-Juba district and the Al-Kasara front during the past 72 hours.

He explained that the targeting operations included the destruction of 24 military vehicles, and casualties exceeded 218 terrorist elements.

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