Al-Houthi militia is trying to control a military base for the legitimate forces in Marib.. and dozens of deaths and prisoners


Dozens of members of the Houthi militia were killed or captured, during an attempt to infiltrate a legitimate camp in Al-Juba district, south of Marib Governorate.

The Saudi Al-Hadath channel published pictures of the prisoners of the Houthi militia, after a failed attempt to infiltrate the Umm Reesh camp, south of the Juba district, in Marib, yesterday, Saturday.

The sources confirmed, “More than 20 Houthis were killed and 16 others captured, while the National Army and the tribes confronted an attempt to infiltrate the Houthis towards the Um Reesh military base.”

And field sources confirmed the killing of dozens of Houthi militia members, in a tight ambush for the army and tribes.

Pictures and video clips circulating showed dozens of Houthi corpses, after a failed attempt to advance towards the army and tribes’ positions, in the Juba district, coinciding with the arrival of government forces reinforcements to the Sirwah and Juba fronts.

For the third day in a row, the Houthi militia failed to make new progress, after the Jabal Murad district fell into its grip, as sources say that the army and tribes began strengthening their fortifications and attritioning the militias.

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