Al-Houthi militia is trying to control “Al-Balaq” overlooking the Marib Dam… and opening 3 new fronts


The Houthi militia has opened three main fronts in Marib, with the aim of controlling Jabal al-Balaq overlooking the Marib Dam.

Al-Emarat Al-Youm newspaper quoted field sources, Sunday, as saying that “the Houthis opened three main fronts towards Al-Balaq, the first from the direction of Wadi Dhanna – from the Bani Dabyan side, Sana’a – and the second, from the Juba-Jarsha side, and the third from the Mala’a Harib side – Al-Rada.” ”.

The Emirati newspaper pointed out that the militias failed to achieve their new plan as a result of the intervention of the coalition fighters.

The newspaper confirmed that the tribes thwarted a Houthi infiltration attempt at dawn on Sunday, towards Bajah Jabal al-Sahl in the Khathlah region, in order to reach the Al-Sawad Mountain range on the Balk area.

This came after violent battles witnessed in the areas surrounding the Umm Reesh camp, south of Marib, between the tribes and the Yemeni army forces on the one hand, and the Houthi militia on the other, after the latter attempted to advance towards the camp to control it and get closer to the Balak mountain range on the southwestern border of Marib.

The Yemeni legitimate forces were able to repel the repeated Houthi militia attacks during the past hours towards the camp, and incurred great losses, as a result of the air raids of the coalition fighters, which forced the Houthis to retreat towards the Ma’la front.

In the Al-Juba district, the army and tribes forces, with the support of the coalition fighters, thwarted the militias’ attempt to advance towards the Al-Amoud and Yarah areas. From the Umm Reesh camp.

The sources pointed out, according to the newspaper, that the Houthi operation towards the Umm Reesh camp came after the failure of their first attempt to advance towards Al-Balaq from the Al-Juba-Jarsha Al-Amoud axis.

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