Al-Houthi militia kills an elderly woman and injures a child in Taiz


On Sunday, a woman was killed and a child was wounded, in two targeting operations carried out by the terrorist Houthi militia on residential neighborhoods in western Taiz Governorate (southwest of Yemen).

A local source said that the Houthi militia stationed in the Sharaf al-Anin area targeted, on Sunday morning, with automatic weapons indiscriminately residential villages in the al-Anin area in the isolation of Bilad al-Wafi in Jabal Habashi, west of Taiz.

He added that the Houthi bombing resulted in the death of “65-year-old Zakiya Muhammad Saeed Al-Dashni” and caused material damage to homes and properties.

In the district of Maqbana, a local source said that the girl, “Nujoud Hassan Abdo”, was seriously injured by shrapnel from a Houthi shelling that targeted their house on Sunday afternoon in the village of al-Kuwaiha in the Maqbna district, west of the governorate.

And yesterday, Friday, the Houthi militia killed an elderly woman, in Al-Hodeidah Governorate, as a result of indiscriminate targeting of residential neighborhoods with various bullets.

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