Al-Houthi militia launches a distress call in Dhamar


In recent days, the terrorist Houthi militia launched an urgent distress call from the Dhamar Governorate, which is under its control.

Media sources said that the Houthi militia obligated the administration of Dhamar General Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Dhamar Governorate, to issue a distress call to citizens in Dhamar Governorate, to donate blood for its wounded, who were received by the hospital and fell on the front lines.

According to the sources, the militias distributed leaflets on social media, calling on citizens to go to the hospital and donate blood for dozens of wounded.

Dhamar governorate is the second human stockpile for Houthi death militias, after the capital, Sanaa, and the Secretariat. The militias have turned their sons into fuel for their futile and attritional war. Dhamar records between 30 and 60 deaths per month.

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