Al-Houthi militia launches its preparations for the Prophet’s birthday with these coupons…


The Houthi militia has launched its preparations to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday, which falls next month, and this comes within the framework of the Houthi campaigns to collect levies and money from citizens and merchants in the areas under its control.

According to identical media and local sources, militia members distributed in residential neighborhoods in the capital, Sanaa, distributed coupons bearing the slogan of the occasion and the stamp of the Houthi revolutionary committee supervising the collection of levies, through which the citizens were forced to pay sums of money to support the revival of the religious occasion – according to their claim -.

Citizens in the Bani Al-Harith district, Sanaa governorate, stated that they received vouchers on which the militia specified important details, most notably the year of the occasion, the name of the district, the person who donated and the amount of money.

The sources stated that linking donations to obtaining household gas does not mean that the latter is free.

For the Iranian-backed Houthi militia, religious occasions became an important source of levies and a prolific resource for the militia leaders, which they exploited in the real estate and investment market.

About 80% of Yemen’s population of nearly 30 million people suffers from “the worst humanitarian crisis in the world,” according to United Nations organizations, as a result of the war ignited by the Houthi militia on September 21, 2021 AD.

Since the militia’s control of state resources, it has refrained from paying the salaries of employees located in its areas of control, coinciding with imposing taxes and customs on various goods entering the country through the port of Hodeidah, and semi-monthly levies on citizens under various allegations and names.

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