Al-Houthi militia takes revenge on the “Al-Juba” district in Marib, after it failed to storm it (photos)


Al-Houthi militia targeted, at dawn today, Wednesday, a fuel station in the center of the Al-Juba district in the Marib governorate.

Local sources said that the Houthi militia targeted a fuel station in the center of the Juba district with a ballistic missile, at dawn today, the fourth day, and resulted in its complete destruction.

The sources pointed out that the militias resorted to bombing the center of the district of Al-Juba, after receiving painful blows on its outskirts, and their failure to storm the district.

Pictures showed the extent of the destruction caused by the Houthi targeting of the fuel station, in the center of the Juba district.

Last night, the Houthi militia targeted, with two ballistic missiles, a gas station in the district center as well, after infiltrating Wasit village, yesterday, Tuesday, and violent battles broke out with the army and resistance forces.

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