Al-Houthi militia takes revenge on the sons of “Rada’a” in Al-Bayda..and begins confiscating their lands and properties


Al-Houthi militia carried out a campaign to loot the lands of citizens in Al-Bayda Governorate, and began to confiscate it, under the pretext that it belonged to families from the dynasty of its leader, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi.

And local sources told the Yemeni scene, today, Thursday, that the Houthi militia seized a number of citizens’ lands in the Radaa district, Al-Bayda Governorate, under the authority of the Hashemite families in the region.

The sources added that the militias confiscated lands belonging to the Al Dhaheri family, Beit Abdo and other families in the Radaa district, after they had been leased to others from the Houthi dynasty, which they robbed and started leasing and owning, following the militias’ recent interference.

The sources indicated that the Houthi militia also robbed the school campus of the Martyr Al-Zubayri and the place designated for the electric generator that supplies the city with electricity.

The sources confirmed that the supervisor of the Houthi militia in the area, the leader of Al-Muhaqni, who is charged with managing the state’s property and real estate, has rented land belonging to citizens to people close to him with the help of the Houthi leader, the judge, and is still trying to loot the rest of the citizens’ lands.

According to the residents, the Houthi militia is trying to loot the citizens’ lands under the pretext that they are owned by imam families that do not exist in the area, despite their ownership of the people of the district.

The sources pointed out that the Houthi militia has its hatred of the people of Al-Bayda Governorate, and the Radaa region in particular, because of its confrontation with the militias for more than 7 years.

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