Al-Houthi sends his preachers to Friday prayers in the villages of Sana’a Governorate to urge them to fight their brothers in Ma’rib


The Houthi militia sent a large number of preachers to the majority of the villages of Sana’a Governorate to invite them to fight in their ranks against their brothers in Ma’rib Governorate.

And local sources told the Yemeni scene today, Friday, that the Houthis sent preachers affiliated with the militia who were paid in advance to deceive the youth to fight in their ranks in the two Friday sermons today in the majority of villages in Sana’a Governorate.

The sources added that the Houthi preachers called, in the two Friday sermons, for tribesmen in Sana’a Governorate to fight their brothers from the people of Ma’rib after describing them as occupiers and their infidels, who angered the majority of the worshipers.

The sources confirmed that the lies of the Houthi preachers on the pulpits of the mosques prompted the people to leave the mosques, which made the Houthi militia close the doors of the mosques and write the names of the worshipers who left the mosques through the supervisors at the village level in an attempt by the Houthis to intimidate the people.

The Houthi militia is trying to force the parents to be convinced of their sectarian and terrorist tendencies, which are now exposed to everyone, which is what prompted the parents to prevent their children from going to mosques after the Houthi militia turned them into dens to deceive children in the name of religion.

These Houthi calls come in an attempt by the Houthis to cover the shortage of their fighters, who are falling in the Marib Governorate, which swallows the elements and leaders of the Houthi militia on a daily basis.

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