Al-Houthi sends “messages” to all groups of the Yemeni people!!


Al-Houthi continues to send his bloody messages to all Yemenis of all categories and with different orientations and inclinations.

The rockets and missiles were distributed in all directions, during three days:

Friday the bombing of the house of Sheikh Abdul Latif Al-Qibli Nimran in Al-Juba, the house fell on the heads of its occupants, and about twenty people were killed or wounded, most of them women and children.

Saturday bombed a residential neighborhood in Taiz and killed eight, four of them children.

On Sunday, a mosque and a center belonging to the Salafists were bombed in “Al-Juba”, Marib, and about thirty were killed in the bombing.

Before that, the house of Al-Arada, Bin Gharib and Saghir Aziz was bombed, without distinguishing between them on the basis of their tribal or party affiliations.

It is one message sent by the Houthis to thirty million Yemenis, either I enslave you or I kill you, and it is not logical for every one to wait for a missile or Houthi caliber to reach him, and it puts us in front of the fact that there is no alternative to uniting and mobilizing all our energies and capabilities in the face of this malignant cancer so as not to enslave our children. It destroys the future of Yemen.

We remind all Yemenis that in the Houthi state, you are either fighters in order to rule or you work miserably in order to pay him a fifth, zakat, taxes, war effort, and the right to birth. There is no room for you to think about gaining dignity and rights of citizenship as long as he believes that he received you according to a deed from God.

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