Al-Houthi’s barbarism is to be borne by the international community


What is happening in Yemen of massacres committed by the Houthi militia is nothing but the result of the failure of the international community and the United Nations from which we see nothing but condemnation, and confinement behind statements that do not satiate and do not sing from hunger. With its (disastrous) crimes, to say the least, against the people of Yemen in the areas it controls.. and the failure of the Yemenis themselves in not reuniting and reforming their tribal, political, and military situations, and they did not take lessons from what they went through in the past years, as if they were starting over. It was the first and most appropriate for those who represented the Yemeni people in the south and north to unite to fight a rogue enemy who infiltrated their ranks and dispersed them and sowed strife among them and threw their legitimacy into the sea and replaced it with Khomeinist legitimacy. Hawzas in which the sciences of Satan and his assistants are taught in Tehran and Qom and other sciences that change the people of Yemen and convert them to Safavid Shi’ism in the false dress of the Houthis.. These are crimes committed against the grieving people, not a single crime.. Then the establishment of this intercourse Threatening the children of Yemen in a war in which they have no elegance or camel.. Thousands of children perished and displaced in the battlefields without mercy or thought of their fate.. The rest were then transferred to deliberate and systematic Safavid schools and change and alteration of curricula.. Universities were closed and their students dispersed.. Looted Citizens’ money and property.. Nearly a million and more mines have been planted in every road and farm until the entrances to the villages.. Among the residents, executions are committed daily and in public, the last of which is the horrific crime and the massacre that bleeds hearts and minds because it was committed in a public square and in front of people without the slightest Responsibility or respect for the humanity of those people who have been framed in trials known to all, to which no law applies except the law of the jungle.. because it is aware and aware that the international community and its failed body will not advance or delay anything in the matter, while the international community is pursuing and pursuing matters that have no importance International.. What these militias are doing is a blatant challenge to the United Nations and the entire international community. We have experienced many events committed by these militias with the blessing of the United Nations and their betrayal of the afflicted people of Yemen, and this massacre will not be the last as long as there is silence. To condone the international community as it tries to intimidate the population in its areas of control and terrorize them in very heinous ways, and the execution of the nine people who were carried out in front of the world is nothing but abuse and bragging about a shameful crime, which would not have occurred without the negligence of the United Nations, the international community and human rights organizations. The militias have all the taboos, customs, and silence on what they are doing “shameful” on the United Nations and its organizations, the entire international community and international decision-makers who have completely dropped Yemen from their accounts, which encouraged this oppressive group to commit all its crimes and condemnations do not advance or delay.. Yemen It needs a firm and necessary international stand to stop the Houthis’ absurdity, otherwise it will be a disgrace to the entire international community, advocates of security and peace, and dormant organizations in marginal matters. Until now

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