Al-Houthi’s first comment on the coalition’s statement regarding the repositioning in Hodeidah


Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, head of the Revolutionary Committee of the Houthi coup militia, said that it is more beneficial for the coalition forces to support legitimacy, to reposition and deploy.

This came in response to the coalition’s statement, in which it confirmed that the redeployment of joint forces in a West Coast It is a military decision for the leadership of the coalition in Yemen.

Al-Houthi wrote in a tweet via Twitter, which was monitored by the “Yemeni Scene”: “It is more useful for the coalition forces to reposition outside the Republic of Yemen, parallel to the common borders, as their mission is only there.”

Earlier today, confirmed Arab Alliance That the decision to redeploy in Hodeidah Governorate, the western coast, came in line with the military strategy to support the Yemeni government in its national battle on all fronts.

Noting that the joint forces on the western coast of Yemen carried out the redeployment last Thursday under the guidance of the coalition leadership, and the repositioning process was characterized by discipline and flexibility as planned and in line with the future plans of the coalition forces.

The coalition called on the United Nations and its mission in Hodeidah to play its role in implementing the Stockholm Agreement, as well as calling on the international community to pressure the terrorist Houthi militia to fully abide by and implement the provisions of the agreement.

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