Al-Irada clashes on the southern front in Marib


On the starboard side of the southern front, one of the fiercest battles of the war took place last night. Its clashes were close to direct contact. The enemy’s attack was like suicide, and the steadfastness of heroes was like mountains.

The Houthi attack focused on the Rawdat Jahm, and in the narrow-range battle sky, all the colors and caliber of ammunition were abundantly present, the sounds of guns from close distances, the bombs from a stone’s throw, the line of fire limp and overlapping, which made it a battle of stubbornness and clashes of will.

The hours of the night passed violent and fierce, during which the successive enemy lines fell, thanks to God and thanks to the steadfastness and determination of the stationed fighters and their hardening in the line of defense with all courage and valor.

At the dawn of dawn, the positions were fixed along the line of defense. The great Houthi attack failed in front of the solid resistance of the heroes and the good preparation for the battle. It became a constant war in the same sites, and no matter how much pressure continues, the Houthis will only see repeated losses.

May God’s mercy be upon the righteous martyrs, and a speedy recovery, God willing, for the faithful wounded who withstood the moment of clash despite their wounds and aches, and a near victory, God willing.

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