Al-Mahwit: Students of four schools in “Hafash” failed collectively because of their refusal to fight with the Houthis


The people of the isolation of Jabal Noman in the Hafash district of Al-Mahwit governorate denounced the mass failure of their high school students at the Al-Bashaer Exam Center approved in isolation, which is known for the excellence of its students for years. To fight in the ranks of the group on the flaming fronts.”

Al-Mahwit Media Center quoted local sources in the isolation of Jabal Noman as saying that the students of the examination center (Al-Bashaer), which includes four schools in the center, “Azan, Beit Al-Salat, Mahzrah and Jabal Noman, were surprised in the past two days by the announcement of the results by the Houthi Ministry of Education with failure.” Collectively for all the center’s students, considering it an unjust decision.

The students were subjected to mass failure on the orders of prominent Houthi leaders in the governorate, and the population carried the Houthi leaders in the governorate, appointed by the militias, the Director General of the Education Office called Ibrahim Hammoud Muhammad Al-Zain, and the other leader in the directorate, Ahmed Al-Zain, appointed director of the Education Office in Hafash.

The parents denounced this deliberate and open Houthi crime that wanted to discredit the school, which presented a model of excellence at the governorate level, in the results of exams or cultural competitions during the past years, and to discredit the isolation and its children, which are considered the most isolated. Its children are enrolling in university education at the governorate level, stressing that this is a deliberate and systematic goal, “calling on the isolated notables to take responsibility for this collective punishment practiced by the militia against their students who want to eliminate their aspirations to continue education.”

Educational sources said that the Houthi militia manipulated the results of the students, especially since the Ministry of Education is run by Yahya al-Houthi, the brother of the rebel leader. Most of the officials of the education offices in the governorate belong to dynastic families that want to eliminate education

This collective punishment of the students of the Hafash district comes for the second time since the beginning of the coup of the Houthi militia. Previously, the Houthi supervisor named Abu Abd al-Rahman al-Dhalea punished high school students in one of the examination centers in al-Safaqin, in the directorate’s center, with collective failure for personal reasons in 2017.

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