Al-Maisari announces his betrayal with international participation, selling in broad daylight, and free service to the Houthis


The former Minister of Interior, Ahmed Al-Maisari, said on Wednesday evening that the withdrawal from Hodeidah is a free service on the part of the Joint Forces Command in favor of the Houthi coup militia.

Al-Maysari considered the withdrawal of the joint forces from Hodeidah a betrayal of the blood of the martyrs, adding: “The sale took place in broad daylight, and a betrayal added to the betrayals in which the international powers participated in the different stages of the war.”

In a statement to Al-Jazeera, he said, “The signatories to the Stockholm Agreement are not aware of the withdrawal of the joint forces from Hodeidah,” adding: “If they want to regain Hodeidah, they should drop the Stockholm Agreement.”

Al-Maisari stressed that the advanced weapons and drones owned by the Houthi coup militia entered from Aden Airport, which is controlled by the UAE, and the UAE influence in Yemen is the largest, and it supports mercenaries and agents.

The former Minister of Interior said that Marib will not fall into the hands of the Houthi militia because it has the Yemeni army and tribes, pointing out that the battle in Marib is different, as it is like Stalingrad and the eastern region of Yemen is open and supplies Marib.

Al-Maysari explained that only Saudi Arabia supports the national army and the resistance in Ma’rib and Taiz, and that the Kingdom plays a positive role in Yemen, especially the air raids it is carrying out against the Houthi militia in Ma’rib, Taiz and Al-Bayda.

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