“Al-Maisari” talks for the first time about the fall of Ma’rib in the hands of the Houthis…and reveals the identity of the first supporter of the army and resistance and the role of Saudi Arabia


In the first comment since the Houthi coup militia intensified its attacks to overthrow the Ma’rib governorate, former Yemeni Interior Minister Ahmed al-Maysari confirmed that Marib will not fall into the hands of the militias.

Al-Maisari said in a television statement to Al-Jazeera that Ma’rib will not fall into the hands of the Houthi coup militia because it contains the Yemeni army and tribes.

He added: “The battle in Marib is different, as it is like Stalingrad and the eastern region of Yemen is open, and Ma’rib is providing supplies.”

The former Minister of the Interior, Al-Maisari, said that Marib is an exclusive governorate for the legitimate government, while Aden is disputed by the parties.

He stressed that only the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia supports the national army and the resistance in Ma’rib and Taiz, noting that the UAE is the one that supports mercenaries and agents.

Al-Maisari also stressed that Saudi Arabia plays a positive role in Yemen, especially the air raids it is carrying out against the Houthi militia in Marib, stressing that the Saudi air forces are striking the Houthis in Taiz and Al-Bayda.

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