“Al-Maqdashi” reveals the reasons for stopping the battle to liberate “Hodeidah” and the reasons that prevent legitimacy from abandoning the “Stockholm Agreement”


The Yemeni Minister of Defense, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Ali Al-Maqdashi, revealed the reasons for stopping the battle to liberate Hodeidah Governorate from the Houthi coup militia, and the reasons that prevent the army and the legitimate government from abandoning the “Stockholm Agreement”.

Regarding the reasons for the liberation of Hodeidah, Al-Mafdashi said in a statement to the Okaz newspaper that the cessation of hostilities in Hodeidah was imposed by the Stockholm Agreement.

The Minister of Defense added: “Hodeidah is a dear and authentic part of the beloved homeland, and the Yemeni people will not spare it with their blood and lives to liberate every inch of it, and to overcome all obstacles, plans and conspiracies that keep this precious part of our homeland under the tyranny and abuse of the militias.”

He said that the Stockholm Agreement is part of the system of international and international pressure on legitimacy and the Arab coalition, adding: “We, the military, are committed to the directives and instructions of the political leadership and the leadership of the Arab coalition and are always ready to carry out any tasks in the entire theater of the Republic of Yemen.”

In response to the newspaper’s question about why the Stockholm Agreement is not being announced as long as it contradicts the interest of the Yemeni people, Al-Maqdashi replied: “All the Yemeni people and political forces see this agreement as unfairness and a clash with the higher national interest, but we are aware that the political leadership will take on this matter. The agreement is the right position at the right time, which it sees as achieving the interests of the Yemeni people.”

He continued, “I say this because Yemeni popular demands confirm the necessity of this, because the provinces remaining under the control of Iranian militias will enable them to bring in more Iranian weapons.”

The Minister of Defense concluded by saying: “These demands are true, and the focus of the political leadership’s attention, which is studying appropriate options regarding this agreement, and we, the military, are ready to implement the options chosen by the political leadership and achieve the interests of the people.”

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