Al-Mashat holds the previous regimes responsible for an unexpected “new war” on Yemen


Today, Sunday, Mahdi Al-Mashat, head of the so-called Supreme Political Council, blamed the previous regimes for a “new and unexpected war” on Yemen; In the context of what it calls the “soft war”.

During his meeting with the Minister of Culture in the unrecognized militia government, Abdullah al-Kibsi, he claimed “the importance of overcoming the obstacles that the previous regimes put in place to limit the role of the Ministry of Culture in spreading national culture within the context of the war on Yemen.” According to the “Saba” agency in its Houthi version.

He praised “the Yemeni drama that was produced recently and highlighted the pride and pride of the Yemeni people and the values ​​and morals they carry in their authentic customs and traditions.”

He spoke about “the necessity of activating the role of theater because of its importance in raising awareness and highlighting the manifestations of Yemeni steadfastness throughout history.” he put it; With a Houthi intention to use the stage to spread the sectarian ideology of the militia at the expense of the Yemeni identity that unites all Yemenis, under direct Iranian supervision.

This comes at a time when the media has been disrupted, freedom of opinion and expression is confiscated, and hundreds of newspapers and websites have been blocked on the Internet.

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