Al-Shaddadi and Al-Abdiyyah.


When the victory is greater than the siege, then the relationship of the land with the human being must be formed in the manner of Al-Shaddadi as a person who embodies the values ​​of fulfilling the boldness of the situation and the depth of belonging, and slavery as history that recasts the scene in a legendary manner and narrates the epics as if we are living in the case of Stalingrad as it deepens in the face of the Nazi invasion.

On the anniversary of the martyrdom of Al-Shadadi and Shumoukh Al-Abdiyyah, two images bear witness to the fact that victory in the field of will is the decisive element in any battle, no matter how long it is and the size of the force between its two sides varies.

Al-Shadadi comes to mind as a man who refused to lie on the soil of this earth in a cowardly manner, and Al-Abdiyyah as a model who refused to surrender in a cowardly manner, and both of them summarize the philosophy of victory.
In the most complex phase of the conflict.

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