Al-Tuhami forces announce the security of an entire district after controlling it in Hodeidah


The Tuhami forces of the joint forces announced that they had regained full control of one of the districts of Hodeidah Governorate, from the grip of the Houthi militia.

The commander of the First Tihama Brigade, Brigadier General Farouk al-Khawlani, confirmed that he had secured the Hays district completely, and had defeated the Houthi coup militia from all areas.

Earlier, multiple sources confirmed that the joint forces had completed the tasks of liberating the areas, countryside and ports of Hays District, south of Hodeidah.

During the past few days, the joint forces were able to regain control of important mountain ranges, vast areas and major outlets, in contiguous areas of operations, west of Taiz, south of Hodeidah and in line with the administrative borders of Ibb / Al-Aden.

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