Al-Zayani reveals the only way to solve the crisis with Lebanon… and the party that rejected peace in Yemen


The Bahraini Foreign Minister, Abdul Latif Al-Zayani, revealed the only way to resolve the Lebanese crisis with the Gulf states, against the background of the statements of the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Qardahi, regarding the war in Yemen.

Al-Zayani stressed that the solution to the Lebanese-Gulf crisis starts from Beirut and changes Lebanon’s relationship with its sister countries, adding: “The crisis must be resolved from within Lebanon and among the Lebanese first.”

Al-Zayani said, in a speech he delivered with the foreign ministers of Jordan, Iraq and Bahrain, within the “Manama Dialogue” conference in its seventeenth session, today, Saturday: “We can provide support to find solutions in the future, but after the Lebanese express their desire to change Hezbollah’s behavior…and change Behavior in Lebanon and in neighboring countries, and Lebanon’s relationship with friendly and brotherly countries,” according to what was reported by Sputnik.

He pointed out that “it is a great challenge for the Lebanese to review their policies with Hezbollah and try to find ways to implement decisions on the ground,” stressing: “We saw Hezbollah threatening the Saudis.”

On the Yemeni issue, Al-Zayani stressed that the Houthi militia and the Iranians have undermined the political track in Yemen, noting that “the Gulf Cooperation Council countries are trying to help the Yemeni people, and have been seeking to find solutions for Yemen since the first day to avoid the civil war there.”

Al-Zayani added: “We have reached a status point that outlines the path to stability in Yemen…in light of our commitments to the Yemeni people,” stressing that “the path has been undermined by the Houthis and the Iranians behind them.”

He pointed out that “the tension between the Gulf and Iran occurred despite Saudi Arabia’s call for a ceasefire, the establishment of a political track, and the Houthis’ call for negotiations.”

He reiterated the Gulf countries’ efforts to resolve the Yemeni crisis politically, saying: “We are trying to find peaceful solutions so that Yemen does not become a threat to its neighbors. It is not acceptable to have a neighbor that threatens the security of Saudi Arabia and the territorial integrity of the Kingdom.”

He concluded his statements by saying: “More than 700 missiles were fired at Saudi Arabia, and this is unacceptable,” noting that “the commitment still exists to revive solutions to the political track.”

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