Algeria announces the targeting of an Israeli military


Today, Thursday, the Speaker of the Algerian National Assembly, Salah Goujil, confirmed that his country is the “target” of Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s visit to Morocco. According to the official Algerian news agency.
In a speech after the council approved the Finance Law for the year 2022, Gogel said, “The enemies are mobilizing more and more to obstruct Algeria’s path. Today, things have become clear when we see the defense minister of the Zionist entity visiting a neighboring country after the foreign minister of this entity visited him and threatened Algeria from Morocco, and he was not.” There is no reaction on the part of the Moroccan government.”
He added: “If this visit was by the Minister of Tourism or Economy to the Zionist entity, it could be interpreted as entering into the framework of the relations that existed before between this country (Morocco) and the Zionist entity, even if it was hidden, but when it comes to the visit of a minister This entity’s defense of Morocco, Algeria is the intended “target”.
In this regard, he reprimanded: “Where are the brothers, where is the Arab world, and where are the Palestinian brothers?”
On the other hand, Gujil reiterated before the members of the National Assembly “the stability of the Algerian position on the Sahrawi issue,” saying: “Our position has not changed regarding Western Sahara, because it is a matter of self-determination of the people, and Algeria has always been with the self-determination of peoples, and the Sahrawi people must obtain their self-determination. Our position has been clear from the start.
He continued, “The Sahrawi people are free to choose their destiny, to choose independence or integration with another country, as they alone have the sovereign decision.”
And he added: “We have lived through the years of colonialism, which used to say that Algeria is French, and what we hear today is that the Sahara is Moroccan.”
He stressed, “The Sahara is not Moroccan, according to the testimony of international bodies, especially the United Nations.
On Tuesday night, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz arrived in Rabat, on the first visit of an Israeli defense minister to Morocco, which aims to enhance security cooperation between the two countries, nearly a year after the normalization of their relations.

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