Amid regional pessimism about its reassurances about Iran, the US Department of Defense intends to intensify exercises with Israel and Arab countries


The “Axios” website reported that the United States intends to intensify joint exercises with Israel and Arab countries to confront the threat of drones, amid growing regional pessimism about Washington’s assurances regarding Iran.
In a report published on Thursday, the site quoted a senior Pentagon official as confirming that there will be more joint exercises with Israel and Arab countries, including special exercises to confront drones, which have become “the preferred weapon of Iran and its proxies.”
“We seek to strengthen this security cooperation, so that we know how to work together when the need arises. Everyone will benefit from that. In addition to our diplomatic efforts to return to the nuclear deal, these joint exercises are a way to send a signal to Iran,” the official said.
The website pointed out that this comes against the background of indications that a state of pessimism prevails in the Middle East regarding the pledges of senior US officials, led by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, to continue deterring Iran, despite the United States reducing the level of its military presence in the region.
The site confirmed that many Arab and Israeli participants expressed in recent public sessions and private dialogues their conviction that the United States is withdrawing from the region without leaving any tangible force to deter Iran.
The site indicated that Austin and the US administration’s special envoy on Iran, Robert Malley, and the National Security Council’s coordinator for Middle East affairs, Brett McGurk, tried to dispel these fears, stressing that the United States is still determined to use other means if diplomacy with Iran fails, nor It withdraws from the region entirely and does not leave its regional allies.
However, during these meetings, many officials, experts and journalists raised questions about the firmness and credibility of President Joe Biden’s administration.
The website quoted a US military official expressing his disappointment at Austin receiving similar pessimistic questions during his recent regional tour, stressing that “it is not permissible to assess the extent of the United States’ commitment to the number of its forces (in the region).”
The official pointed out that the Biden administration, instead of maintaining the military presence in the Middle East at the previous level, is working to build a new framework based on security cooperation between the countries of the region.

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