Amid the victories of the Battle of Tihama, the pro-legitimacy brigades are knocking on the gates of Sanaa


These victories, which are announced in Tihama, could have taken place, and better could have led to reaching Ibb, Dhamar, and the vicinity of Sana’a, and lifting the siege on Taiz, without any withdrawals.

When the people of the land decided to obstruct the plan to hand over two hundred kilometers to the Houthis, they redefined the national battle and made a difference on the ground.

What distinguishes the new battle of Tihama after the withdrawal of the forces loyal to the UAE is that the brigades loyal to the legitimacy are knocking on the gates of Sana’a from strategic areas between Tihama and Ibb, which was not the case in previous battles that focused on the coast. It also prompted the republic’s guards to move west of Taiz timidly after the forced withdrawal.

It seems that the sudden withdrawal of forces loyal to the UAE from the vicinity of Hodeidah caused a shock to all the forces that consider the Houthis and Iran the main enemy, whether allied with legitimacy or opposition to it, and this was reflected in indirect coordination, as this resulted in field victories that need to be preserved and to unify the operating rooms.

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