Among them are personalities who facilitated the overthrow of Sanaa .. The Houthis refer military leaders, governors and agents to the Public Funds Prosecution (documents)


The Houthi militia referred a number of its leaders, including military leaders and governorate agents, to the Public Funds Prosecution, in order to replace them with Houthi leaders from the Saada wing, which has become known as the “Hawk Wing” and operates under the leadership of the Iranian military ruler in Sana’a, Hassan Erlo.

Judicial sources told “the Yemeni scene” today, Sunday, that the Houthis referred a large number of their leaders to the Public Prosecution, including governors and governorate agents, in addition to officers affiliated with the former regime and close to the late President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The sources added that the Houthi prosecution is seeking with these charges to dismiss major Houthi leaders to allow the Saada wing to control all the joints of the state and to achieve looting of former leaders in the state affiliated with the regime of the late President Ali Abdullah Saleh, including leaders who facilitated the entry of the militia into Sanaa.

According to the official memorandum issued by Muhammad Yahya Al-Matari, who holds the position of Public Prosecutor of Damt, which was submitted to the Houthi leader Al-Hadi, who is impersonating the governor of Al-Dhalea governorate, in which the first and second demanded to come to the Public Prosecution office to investigate the charges against him.

The Houthi militia requested an investigation with the governor of Al-Dhalea, Muhammad Saleh Al-Haddi, as well as the governorate’s representative, Sadiq Al-Idrisi, on charges of looting public money, convicting them in preparation for their dismissal and appointing leaders from the Saada wing, which works directly according to the instructions of the Iranian military ruler in Sana’a Hassan Erlo, who is still spending his honeymoon in Saada after his marriage From the daughter of the governor, Al-Hamzi, who is the second Yemeni wife of Airlo, since he entered Yemen illegally.

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