Among them is the brother of “Lakab”…the Houthi militia transfers Bayhan prisoners to Sana’a


Informed sources revealed that the Houthi militia transferred, on Saturday, a number of prisoners of the Special Forces in Bayhan Shabwa to the capital, Sanaa. .

The sources confirmed that the brother of Abd Rabbo Laakab, whose name is Ahmed Laakab Al-Sharif, in addition to Colonel Abdulelah Al-Najjar Abdul Karim bin Hussein Mubarak Al-Sharif, were captured after their injuries and were transferred to the capital, Sana’a.

The sources indicated that Ahmed Lakab was wounded during the confrontations with the Houthis in Baihan and was taken to the hospital after being captured by the Houthi militia.

The Houthi militia was able to control Baihan on the 23rd of this month after confrontations with the National Army forces.

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