An alarm bell for the parties to the conflict.. “Bahah” reveals great pain over the solution in Yemen


Former Yemeni Prime Minister Khaled Bahah said that there is “great pain at the present time towards peaceful solutions, foremost of which is reducing the conflict and moving to safe and sustainable peace axes.”

In an interview with “Al-Ain News”, on the sidelines of the eighth Abu Dhabi Strategic Forum, organized by the Emirates Policy Center, he stressed that the humanitarian and economic conditions should be an alarm bell for the parties to the conflict in Yemen.

He pointed out that the Yemen file will be present in the sessions and themes of the Abu Dhabi Strategic Forum, and the discussion of future outcomes, especially after 7 years of the ongoing war in this country.

However, he added: Things are still being attempted, but hope remains in light of the constant calls.

He pointed out that expectations are not high from imposing individual sanctions on the Houthis, and they have no effect so far, considering that they are not sufficient to deter the group and stop its attacks.

He considered that the inclusion of Houthi leaders in the past few days on the Security Council sanctions list, continued with him the intransigence to continue the war.

He stated that sanctions are one of the tools of solutions, whether at the level of individuals and entities, but there are no very significant effects on the level of Houthi compliance, with their continued assault on Marib, their failure to respond to calls for de-escalation, and their delinquency for peaceful solutions.

Regarding the recent bombings in Aden, Bahah said that the Houthi group and its sisters want to make the capital, Aden, a “ground of war”.

He noted that Aden has now become the focus of an existing challenge, especially after the transition of the legitimate government to it, stressing that the government’s parties and tools must strengthen institutions so that they can confront the tools of conflict.

This comes in the context of Yemeni, regional, international and UN moves to implement a UN plan to end the war and bring peace to Yemen, despite the intransigence of the Houthi rebels.

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