An “angry” statement from the legitimate government regarding painful developments in the Juba district in Marib


This evening, Thursday, the internationally recognized Yemeni government expressed its strong condemnation of the painful developments and horrific massacre committed by the Houthi militia against the citizens in the Juba district in the Marib governorate.

The Yemeni Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Muammar Al-Eryani, condemned in the strongest terms the targeting of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia the house of Sheikh Abdul Latif Al-Qibli Nimran Al-Muradi in Al-Amoud district in the Al-Juba district of Marib governorate with an “Iranian-made” ballistic missile.

Al-Eryani said that the bombing launched by the Houthi militia on the house of Sheikh Al-Muradi, led to the death of 12 citizens, including two of his sons, and the injury of others, according to an initial toll.

Noting that the Houthi militia continues to systematically and deliberately bomb villages and citizens’ homes in the Juba district with various types of heavy and medium weapons, ballistic missiles and drones, to inflict the greatest number of casualties among civilians, forcing hundreds of families from al-Juba and the displaced to flee outside the district.

The Yemeni minister affirmed that the international community, the United Nations, the permanent members of the Security Council and the UN and US envoys are demanding the condemnation and cessation of these reprisals that affect innocent civilians and constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity, and criminalize and prosecute those responsible for them from the leaders and members of the militia as “war criminals.” .

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