An announcement by the Southern Transitional Council regarding “Shabwa” after moves to overthrow the governor, “Ben Adyo”


Today, Tuesday, the Southern Transitional Council issued a statement regarding what it called the mass meeting of the people of Shabwa.

In a statement to the STC’s spokesperson, Ali Al-Kathiri, the council said: “The Southern Transitional Council congratulates the success of the public meeting of the people of Shabwa, which Sheikh Awad bin Al-Wazir called for.”

The statement added, “The Council salutes this large gathering, welcoming and supporting the outcomes of the meeting and everything that would enable the people of Shabwa to defend it, benefit from the proceeds of its wealth and manage all its affairs.”

This came, after an event, held by Sheikh Al-Qibli Awad bin Al-Wazir Al-Awlaki, in which Al-Awlaki spoke in the Al-Wata area with a quorum, during which he demanded the dismissal of the governor and the appointment of a new leadership for the governorate, to fight “corruption” and prevent Shabwa from being handed over to the Houthis, as he put it.

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