An attempt to assassinate the Houthi-appointed Criminal Investigation Director in Ibb and reports that he was hit by several bullets


Unidentified elements fired a hail of bullets at the director of criminal investigation in the governorate of Ibb Ghanem Jaylan, and the appointed one from the Houthis, amid reports that he was hit by several bullets, during which he was transferred to the hospital.

Security sources told the Yemeni scene today, Monday, that unknown persons opened fire on the car of the Director of Criminal Investigation in Ibb Ghanem Jaylan governorate, who was appointed by the Houthis, next to Al-Hashash Mosque in Ibb.

The sources added that the targeting process comes within the framework of the conflict between the wings of the Saada wing, which has become known as the Falcons wing, and the rest of the other wings in the militia, especially the Sanaa wing, which has become known as the Tirmanat wing, and the rest of the other wings, especially the Zaydi and Sunni ideologically different with the Twelver.

The sources confirmed that Kaylan was wounded in the shooting, amid the possibility that other parties were behind the operation, especially after Kaylan managed to arrest several prostitution networks, selling alcohol and murdering crimes.

This and the increase in murders in Ibb governorate, the most recent of which was the assassination of Hashem Qaid Mahdi the day before yesterday, the killing of the girl Amal al-Khawlani and the trampling of two children and the death of one of them in mysterious circumstances, amid the people’s fear of the increase in crimes in the governorate after the Houthi militia’s control.

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