An earthquake in the “UAE” in conjunction with an earthquake in “Iran”


Today, Sunday, residents of a number of cities in the United Arab Emirates felt an earthquake that lasted for an indefinite period.

According to the National Center of Meteorology in the UAE, an earthquake measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale struck northwest of Bandar Abbas in Iran, at a depth of 10 kilometers at 16:07 pm local time.

Residents in large areas of the Emirates reported feeling the earthquake.

According to Iranian media, the earthquake lasted for about 20 seconds, which is a long time in earthquakes; What sparked widespread panic among the residents, who rushed to the streets.

The Mehr News Agency website stated that, in addition to Bandar Abbas, the earthquake was felt by residents in the cities of Minab and Qeshm.

Iran is one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the world; It is located on major fault lines. In 2003, a 6.6-magnitude earthquake in Kerman province killed 31,000 people and destroyed the ancient city of Bam.

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