An “interventional operation” consisting of a group of brigades carried out by government forces and succeeded in bringing about a profound transformation in Hodeidah


The Yemeni researcher specializing in military and strategic affairs, Dr. Ali al-Dhahab, said that the joint forces (government forces) are carrying out a “surveillance operation” (with the strength of a group of brigades) in Hodeidah Governorate, in front of the Houthi militia.

And he added in a series of tweets on Twitter: “The operation carried out by government forces may be prolonged if it is developed, or shortened if it is designed for a specific goal.”

He continued, “The joint forces moved to the seam, attacked suddenly and quickly, and succeeded in making a profound transformation, then developed the attack, and invested victory in pursuit.”

The military expert pointed out that offensive operations require an element of surprise, which is usually difficult to obtain.

He stressed that the joint forces had resorted, in an unusual way, to the technique of deception. The deception that occurred was pretending that Marib and Shabwa were the destinations of the forces withdrawing from Hodeidah, while the real destination was Hodeidah again.

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