An Iraqi YouTuber ends his life because of his girlfriend’s marriage


Today, Tuesday, the security authorities in the Iraqi province of Dhi Qar found the young YouTuber, Hamoudi Al-Mawla, who committed suicide inside his house in Suq Al-Shuyoukh district, south of the province.

Iraqi media said, “The YouTuber, known among young people for singing without using musical instruments, ended his life by hanging with a rope tied around his neck.”

According to the initial information circulating about the 18-year-old, the reason for his suicide was “his inability to marry a girl with whom he had a romantic relationship, and her marriage to another person.”

Hamoudi, who is from the city of Nasiriyah (the center of Dhi Qar governorate), was known for his sweet voice and his repetition of popular songs and chants in separate places among his friends and colleagues without the use of musical instruments, and he published his clips on social media.

It was not known that any of the production companies or artistic personalities had adopted the talent of the Iraqi youth, whose lyrics were echoed among young people and students, and the phrase “If they ask you where you live, show them to my eyes” is the most prominent phrase repeated by fans of his songs and chants.

The videos of YouTuber Hamoudin, which are on a channel bearing his name on “YouTube”, enjoy high views, some of which exceed one hundred thousand views, through the channel, which has 48.4 thousand subscribers.

Through the comments on the YouTube channel attributed to the young man, it appears that he is emotionally associated with a girl, whose name or nickname is likely to be “Al-Yamamah”, which is the repeated nickname through publications on an account attributed to him on “Instagram”, the last of which indicates their separation without the reasons being clear.

And the account published on “Instagram”, which is followed by more than 25,000 people, through the “Al-Asturi” feature, less than 24 hours ago, a picture of the tombs, accompanied by the phrase “The End”.

The suicide of the young YouTuber caused a state of sadness among his followers, who wrote words affecting his separation.

There are no official statistics available for the suicide cases that the country witnesses annually, but communication sites and daily newspapers are full of many accidents from time to time in all governorates of Iraq.

According to media reports, there are several reasons for suicide, especially among the young group, including those related to problems of love and marriage, women’s conditions and the burdens of tradition, economic difficulties, lack of job opportunities, and the lack of services provided to citizens by the government.

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