An officer and a number of judicial police were wounded by several stab wounds in Sana’a by people close to a Houthi leader (details)


A senior police officer and a number of judicial policemen were seriously injured this morning in Sana’a Governorate, after they were stabbed with daggers by a number of people close to a Houthi leader.

Judicial sources told the Yemeni scene today, Wednesday, that a number of citizens from the Al-Jamra family and those close to the influential Houthi leader, Al-Jamra, stabbed with daggers “Al-Janabi” on the judicial police officer and a number of his personnel in the Bani Matar district, west of the capital, Sana’a.

The sources added that the head of the gang, Abdul Razzaq Al-Jamra, stabbed the execution officer and his members, in addition to the execution requester and the convicted person, Lutf Al-Serafi.

Four people from the insignificant gang were arrested to cover up the scandal of assaulting members of the judicial police and calm the other side, while the main accused and the senior leaders in the gang were released.

The great Houthi leaders use their influence to dilute cases in favor of those close to them, especially gangs of looting and theft in exchange for obtaining sums of money from Houthi prosecutions and the judiciary, which has caused an increase in gangs of looting and aggression, especially on the lands of citizens.

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